Behind Pipou, you can find Constance.

Coming from a family that likes to confront ideas, think but also create, she very quickly knew what she wanted in life and in what world she wanted to live. Contemplative and passionate about justice, she loves nature and people and is committed to protecting them.

Constance is sensitive to ecological and social issues and applies them as much as possible to her daily life.
When, at the birth of her nephews and nieces - don't get her started on the subject, she could talk to you about them for hours - she realized that the choice of ethical clothing offered to the children was far too poor, she decided to get started.

Her credo is: how can we care about the planet and dress our children in clothes from fast fashion when it is to them that we will leave this planet?

Pipou thus allowed her to slip into the sweetness of the world of childhood while defending the causes that were close to her heart: humans and the planet.

Thus was born Pipou, the committed fashion of the little wolves